Reason Why Emma Is In The Raw Women’s Title Match At WWE No Mercy

Mere hours after it was announced that Sasha Banks had invoked her rematch clause against Alexa Bliss for WWE No Mercy, Nia Jax (who dropped Bliss last week) and Emma (whose grassroots social media campaign is moving her toward the spotlight once again) got Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to sanction a tag match on Raw, pitting them against champion and challenger with a win-and-you’re-in stipulation attached for No Mercy.

Emma and Nia won and they’re in. After Nia hit Sasha with a leg drop, Emma seized the pin for herself thanks to a sneaky tag. Nia quickly got payback, hitting Emma with a Samoan Drop after the bell.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Emma was placed in the Raw Women’s Championship Match at WWE No Mercy to protect Sasha, Nia, and Alexa. The plan is apparently to have Emma lose because WWE officials don’t want Nia, Sasha or Alexa suffering a loss in the match.

It isn’t clear yet f there will be a title change at WWE No Mercy.

After making the Raw Women’s Championship bout at WWE No Mercy a Fatal 4-Way Match, Nia Jax offers a grim preview of what awaits on Sept. 24.