Ric Flair and JJ Dillon on Charlotte’s WWE RAW Debut, Vince McMahon Being Hands-On, Dusty Rhodes


– A recent episode of “Wooooo! Nation” with Ric Flair on Play.It features Ric’s lifelong friend and former manager, James J. Dillon.

They talked about their mutual friend and colleague, the late Dusty Rhodes. Both JJ and Ric were part of the post-RAW tribute to Dusty a few weeks ago. Ric said that he admires JJ for his commitment to Dusty as JJ was already in Tampa earlier in the week, and flew back into town on his own dime to attend Dusty’s funeral. JJ said that loved working with Dusty because they complimented each other so well. While they weren’t the best of friends, Dusty was a big picture guy, and that blended seamlessly with JJ’s attention to detail. “I could never have done as well as he did,” JJ said regarding Dusty’s booking. JJ says that he watched Dusty’s sons grow up, and added: “Cody and Dustin are a credit to our industry.” Flair put Dusty Rhodes over one final time in the segment and said Dusty was always thinking. Flair said, “He was always out drinking with the rest of us, but at the end of the day, Dusty was always thinking. I mean, he might’ve said, ‘Hey JJ write this down so I don’t forget it.’ But Dusty was always thinking.”

Flair also talked about Charlotte’s debut on WWE RAW last week, a show that he was fortunate enough to attend with his entire family. He commented on the debut, “Steph and Hunter were involved, and her friend Sasha was there. And the other girl. What’s her name?”

The Flair Family attended the show with another family whose son is terminally ill. Stephanie McMahon brought the kid backstage and introduced him to everyone from Titus O’Neil to Brock Lesnar to John Cena. Flair admires Stephanie’s work ethic and JJ complimented Flair by telling him that’s one of the things he always admired about him.

JJ gave credit to Vince McMahon for his stellar work-ethic as well. They both talked about how hands-on Vince is and say that he was calling RAW from the “Gorilla Position” and then he worked on the entire Dusty tribute from backstage, then flew down to Orlando to work on Tough Enough.

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