Ric Flair Comments on His World Title Record, Possibly Returning to the Ring, Charlotte, More

Ric Flair

– WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently spoke with The Guide in Portsmouth, where he’s currently doing his one-man UK tour. Below are some highlights from the interview:

His career:

‘I could happily talk about my career all day long. I didn’t want to stop competing at all, but I think in terms of the direction the business was heading I saw it as a good time for me to step away from the ring. I’ve been blessed to have such a varied and successful career and I couldn’t have asked for a better final match than the one against Shawn. I couldn’t have asked to go out in a better way, to a better guy. He really is a true friend and if I had to lose to anyone I am glad it was him.’

Possibly returning to the ring:

‘I would love to get back in the ring, but they are scared I would steal the show every week. I’m just too god damn good. I can still go in the ring and take a suplex or two if I need to.’

John Cena breaking his World Title record:

‘I don’t give the record a second thought, but if it was to be broken it couldn’t go to a better person than John.’

Possibly managing his daughter Charlotte:

‘I think she is one of the best athletes on the roster, but being a female it is always going to be hard in this industry. I have been asked before if I would go back into a management role with Ashley, but she needs me like a hole in the head. I wouldn’t boost her career, if anything I would hinder it.’

‘She is so talented it is scary. I am so proud of her but there is always going to be that part of me that worries about her development, if she will get injured and things like that.’

The wrestling business today:

‘The business is a lot more political now and it is really hard for young wrestlers to work their way up the ranks. Personally I would find it very hard to work full-time now. I wouldn’t be able to do a show then go straight back to the hotel.’

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