Trish Stratus Talks WWE NXT Divas, Total Divas, Possibly Facing The Bella Twins

Trish Stratus

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. The full interview can be found at this link but below are a few highlights:

Praise for Terri Runnels:

“What an amazing woman. It is not until now that I’m a mom that I realize how she balanced that. She had Dakota and was coming on the road and working her butt off and performing and doing the crazy WWE schedule. She is an amazing mom. When I see Dakota I say, ‘I knew you from when you were this big.’ I have tons of admiration for Terri and all those years she endured those WWE road schedules, yet balancing it all to have this amazing girl who is articulate, smart and beautiful. She is a supermom.”

WWE giving the Divas a chance in NXT:

“You are seeing the women have longer matches on TV. My whole thing is 10 or 15 years ago we were striving to have that match that wasn’t a chick match. I always said I didn’t want to fight like a girl. I wanted to fight like a man. Now I feel it’s more done. There is no such thing really of having a girly match. It’s just two athletes having a match. I read a cool quote from Triple H who talked about the first female trainer in Sara [Amato]. Then he goes on to say he doesn’t call her the first female trainer, but a trainer. That was really cool to me because we don’t want to see her in a separate category. We want to be in the same category. We want to be athletes and treated the same. We do the same job and go out there and do the exact same thing. We just have to look better doing it. I think it comes at a point where women can hold their own and show that we are these fantastic athletes just good or better than the guys.”

Possibly teaming with Lita to face The Bella Twins:

“I don’t mind an easy win. I think the idea is interesting. ‘Team Bestie’ is up for anything. If the fans want it, who knows? When Amy and I were working against each other, we were having fantastic matches because we knew each other’s motions and body movements. I think as a team we could utilize that same chemistry, but channel it in a different way.”

Total Divas:

“You tell someone who doesn’t watch wrestling what your day-to-day life was in wrestling they are like, what? I think to showcase it is pretty cool. ‘Total Divas’ used to be like check out these girl wrestlers and then also see their lives. Now it’s see their lives about girls who happen to be wrestlers. I think it has slowly turned into a reality show, not much of a wrestling show. It’s sort of the backdrop, which is fine. I still love the show. I think it would have been fun to do. Though a couple of months there was a lot of cat fights on the show where I was like, ‘Jeez, this would never work for our generation. We were really close. It would be boring TV to see.’ TV has an interesting way of making things happen. So I think it would be an interesting show for us back in the day for sure.”