Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on Why They’re Still Together, Facing The Wyatt Family at SummerSlam

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

– As seen above, this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks about the Family vs. Family match at SummerSlam and their relationship. He asks Reigns why he’s been with Ambrose so long. Reigns says since he’s been in WWE, Ambrose has always had his back and never faltered. He says Ambrose has helped him provide for his family and he’s a good dude. Cole asks the same question to Ambrose. Ambrose says Reigns is a real straight up dude and what you see is what you’re going to get. Ambrose says that’s the only people he can associate with and there aren’t a lot of those people.

* Cole asks about their problems with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, asking if this will be the final chapter in their feud. Ambrose laughs and says no it won’t, they’re like cats and dogs. He says they will never get along. Ambrose says he’s fought Harper and Wyatt tooth & nail for years now but he’s not going to end it. Reigns says he would be satisfied with closure and moving onto a title picture but he’d pay good money to get The Wyatts alone. Reigns says it won’t stop at SummerSlam. Ambrose says the war continues at SummerSlam.

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