Rosa Mendes Reveals Her Plan For Returning To WWE

Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes says she plans to “dominate” the independent wrestling scene in an effort to impress WWE officials and one day return for a Hall of Fame worthy run.

Mendes revealed her plan during an in-studio interview with Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly, presented by Afterbuzz TV.

She said, “I feel like this is my business plan; I want to conquer the independents. I want to dominate in the independents and be super over and have incredible 30-40 minute matches in the independents and show people that I am a great worker and a great performer. As soon as I can say that about myself then I am going to talk to them [WWE]. They may talk to me before then, but I really want to establish myself in the independents before I even step foot in a WWE door again.”

After retiring from wrestling following her departure from WWE in February 2017, the 38-year-old mother made her return last month at an independent wrestling event in Maryland.

The former Total Divas star was asked about the idea of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day and she replied, “This is the thing, right now, Rosa Mendes would never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I feel because of who I was and because of my character and being a manager. I know some managers have, but if you look back, my best time as a manager was with Primo and Epico, and I did a lot in those matches. They got the tag team titles but I just feel like I don’t think it would happen, and I don’t think I would deserve it. I feel like once I go back I want to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I want to make history and I want people to respect my work in the ring.”