Rumor On Finn Balor Assisting Undertaker & Kane, Mickie James Is Upset, WWE Stars Talk 3 Count

There was an interesting rumor that hit social media regarding Finn Balor as it’s being said that at the NXT Superstar Panel in London, England on Friday, he teased assisting Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series in their match against The Wyatt Family — a match between both groups has yet to be announced. While the NXT Champion was obviously trying to generate as much hype as possible for the event, his name has been rumored backstage as an ally of The Brothers of Destruction.

WWE has been considering aligning a wrestler with The Brothers of Destruction and Balor is someone that has been brought up in creative meetings. Having said that, nothing has been confirmed. Balor was backstage at Monday’s Raw in Manchester, England.

– In the above video, Superstars weigh in on the appeal of the 3 Count faction from WCW, ‘despite them being considered one of the failed factions in WWE history.’

– On Monday, an upset Mickie James posted the following on Twitter: “That moment you find out some one refused to work you… Really?! Why?! Because you’re the shits or just not as over as you think you are?!”

Who could she be talking about? There’s no time frame to reference, so it’s entirely possible she just found out about an incident that occurred many years ago while she was still working for WWE. Perhaps it’s an incident from her time in TNA, or her most recent work in GFW?