Rumor On Why John Cena May Be Taking Time Off From WWE

John Cena

New details have surfaced in regards to John Cena taking some time off from WWE’s strenuous road schedule following Hell in a Cell on Oct. 25.

According to, the United States Champion is stepping away from the squared circle for personal reasons after requesting time off over the summer. His peers have reached out to him to see if everything is fine, and the Cenation leader insists that he is okay. Cena, however, remains guarded about his reasons for wanting to step away from WWE. While it had been speculated that 38-year-old may either be injured or planning to marry girlfriend Nikki Bella during his hiatus, that is reportedly not the case.

Could Cena be taking time off to host a reality show? Scott Keith, who has authored five books on wrestling and writes for, published the following claim from a reader of his on Monday on his website,

A friend in the fitness industry is working on a fitness-themed reality show for FOX. The show is set to air in the spring. He and a few others were told this week that the filming window is set for Oct. 26 to the first or second week of January, and that it will take 6-8 weeks to do everything. They also found out that the host of the show is going to be John Cena. I’m guessing this explains his rumored hiatus after HIAC.

The latest indication is that Cena won’t be returning to the ring until late December. The official website of Madison Square Garden is advertising Cena for a live event at the venue on Dec. 26, which is the earliest event after Hell in a Cell which he is scheduled for. There, he won’t be appearing at WWE events in November and for most of December. Not only is he missing Survivor Series, but he’ll miss TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs as well.

It has been rumored that Cena will defend the United States Championship against Dolph Ziggler at Hell in a Cell. During an encounter with The New Day in the closing segment of Raw last week, The Showoff accidentally superkicked Cena.