Rumors Of WWE Releases Being Made On Friday

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Uh oh. It looks it’s that time of year again.

WWE’s annual “spring cleaning” where some underutilized main roster and developmental talents are released in order to make room for incoming talents could be fast approaching.

Rob Feinstein of RF Video (he books wrestlers for conventions and shoot interviews) claimed Thursday night on his Facebook account that there are rumors of talent releases being made on Friday and he knows a few of the names.

Just heard a few names that are rumored to be released tomorrow from the WWE but I won’t post them until they are released and it’s public knowledge. I am very friendly with them and it’s a good thing as I have been wanting to work with them for a long time and I know they will get a lot of work from our company. This is only rumors and I won’t say the names until they are publicly announced on the news sites but the rumor is tomorrow is the day that guys are getting released. (please don’t message me asking who they are) I can say for sure if one of the names that I heard gets cut they are really loosing out on a guy who gave everything to the company so I hope for his sake its not true.

Feinstein later added:

Just for the record if this does not happen tomorrow that could be very well the case as well. Shocked at how many people still asked me who it was. Not leaking it as I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but it’s not right if a worker were to read about it before it happens.

WWE history has shown that no one’s job is safe and secure (unless your last name is McMahon).