Sarath Ton Was Squashed By Ryback On An Episode Of Raw

Rutherford "P.S." Hayes

It is the dream of many wrestlers to step foot inside a WWE ring and Sarath Ton can always say that he did. Unfortunately, he ran into the man known as Ryback in his one and only match in front of a WWE crowd.

When Ryback marches into an arena, there’s only one certainty for his opponents – destruction. It was no different for Ton, who took on the machinelike WWE Superstar on Raw SuperShow on June 11, 2012.

Wrestling under the name Rutherford “P.S.” Hayes, Ton teamed up with fellow local competitor Willard Fillmore against the hulking grappler in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. While making their entrance to the ring, the duo took the opportunity to let Ryback know what he was in for.

Fillmore exclaimed, “Unlike the schnooks that you faced in the past, we are not gonna wait for you! You are gonna wait for us!

Hayes then said, “That’s because we are the commander-in-chiefs! Willard Fillmore! Rutherford “P.S” Hayes! We’re gonna send you packing out of Hartford faster than the Whalers!

In a dominating show of force, Ryback quickly decimated Fillmore and Hayes. After the carnage, the ruthless WWE Superstar declared: “Feed me more! Feed me more! Feed me more!”

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