Sarath Ton’s Wrestling Career May Have Ended On A Sad Note


In his one and only match inside an NXT ring, Sarath Ton had an unfortunate injury scare.

On May 21, 2015, at a WWE NXT taping in Winter Park, Florida, Ton partnered with Jason Jordan in a tag team match against Aiden English and Simon Gotch (collectively known as The Vaudevillains). Things got scary midway through the contest when English booted Ton in the head as he bounced off the ring ropes.

Here is an eyewitness account of what went down that night.

The wrestler who was injured at the tapings was Sasha Banks’ boyfriend, who was debuting. He got legit injured when Aiden English came off the ropes with a boot to the side of his head. Aiden picked him up and he was limp. They tried their double team moves on him, but the ref called them off and stopped the match. He lay there for about five minutes before finally getting up on his own. The crowd was quiet during most of this.

While the injury appeared serious, Ton later claimed he was fine.

“Just a heads up y’all. Got knocked loopy at the tapings on Thursday, but I’m fine now.” he wrote two days later on Twitter. “Thank you for the well wishes #donttrythisathome.”

Sadly, it may have been his last match as he has not wrestled since that night.