See How Sting Got Injured At Night of Champions (Video)


While not at all confirmed, it appears that Sting’s injury at Night of Champions Sunday night could put a halt to his legendary career.

During his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins in the night’s main event, “The Vigilante” took a turnbuckle powerbomb in the corner, which forced him to seek medical attention from nearby trainers.

It came off as if Sting had the wind knocked out of him, or, at the very least, had injured his back or ribs.

Following the pay-per-view, confirmed that the spot was not a work, and that Sting was in fact hurt. The finish of the bout felt rushed afterwards, leading one to believe that both Sting and Rollins decided to go immediately to the finish.

In a follow-up, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio now speculates that the injury, which apparently happened to his neck, could potentially be career-threatening.

“It was serious and to his neck,” Meltzer said.

Here is footage of the spot.