Seth Rollins Explains Why WWE Added “Burn It Down” To His Theme Song

Seth Rollins

During an appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Seth Rollins gave the backstory on WWE adding “Burn It Down” to his entrance theme.

On Raw on July 31, “Burn It Down” was added to his entrance theme. This was a big change since his song didn’t haven’t any lyrics. So why was the change made?

According to Rollins on the podcast, he was a bit confused when he was told that WWE wanted to change his music. This was because he had been using the theme for the past few years and there were no problems with it.

WWE officials told him it was changed because of Vince McMahon.

He was told, “Well, Vince doesn’t like that pause.”

Rollins’ original theme had a pause in the place where “Burn It Down” is heard now.

“I’m like, ‘He’s been hearing this same music for three years, what are we talking about,'” Rollins said.

“They played like five different little things. Three of them were like soundbites. One of them actually said ‘Kingslayer’ but it was very seductive. The “Burn it Down” was the best option available so it was like yeah, whatever, do it, but it actually kind of worked out well.”

You can listen to the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast here.