Sheamus Sidelined Due To Possible Concussion


It was reported earlier that Sheamus missed this weekend’s WWE tour in Australia, with “The Celtic Warrior” noting on Twitter that he was “licking his wounds.” Dave Meltzer of reported Sunday night that Sheamus was either diagnosed with a concussion or that there is fear that he suffered one during last Monday’s Raw main event—he teamed up with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton.

Here is a fan account of when the injury may have occurred.

We were on the lower level in Section 107 but seated behind the tag corner of Sheamus, Bray and Luke Harper. During the match, after Sheamus had been running around and fighting outside the ring with Roman Reigns I noticed it looked like he was laboring a bit. Two times after he got back to the corner apron a WWE staffer from ringside inconspicuously went to the apron and grabbed his ankle to get his attention and talk to him. Both times it appeared that Sheamus was telling them he was okay enough to at least continue in the match. Although, you could see he was breathing really deep and hard. As the match went on, he seemed to be wiping his nose area quite a bit. He continued to not look totally himself still when not in the ring. I mentioned this to my niece who I was at the match with, but then didn’t continue to worry about it.

Rewatching the RAW match last night on TV you can put two and two together. When he goes to the apron on the hard camera side he stays down and is noticeably different. Bray goes over to talk to him on the apron. There is also a TV cut to their corner later where you can see the WWE staffer just finishing talking to him and heading back to sit down.

Obviously it would have to be really serious for him to not continue in that match… and if that had happened the 6 man would have gone to crap considering the highly choreographed finish. After the match we went out back to see the wrestlers leaving and Sheamus left a good 45 minutes after all the other wrestlers.