Former WCW Wrestler Dies After Wrestling In London, England

Silver King

Silver King is dead.

The accomplished luchador and former WCW wrestler passed away after becoming unconscious during a match on Saturday night in London, England. He was 51 years old.

This is according to luchablog, which reports that he died after suffering a health issue.

Sexy Star of Lucha Underground was the first to break the news of his passing on Twitter.

At a show presented by Lucha Libre World, Silver King was wrestling fellow WCW alumnus Juventud Guerrera when he suddenly became unconscious. After giving Guerrera a clothesline, Silver King went to pin him. Guerrera kicked out and Silver King struggled to get back up. Guerrera and the referee stalled waiting for Silver King to get up, but he was unable to. Guerrera kicked him gently in the side and Silver King just goes out. Guerrera then struggles to turn him over for the pin. Guerrera pinned Silver King to end the match, but King was completely out.

According to fans in attendance, Silver King lied motionless in the ring after the match. CPR was performed on him and the show was immediately canceled.