“Something Else to Wrestle” Episode On ECW Reboot Delayed Due To “Creative Differences”

Something Else to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard

Conrad Thompson released a video on Wednesday saying this week’s episode of Something Else to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard on the WWE Network has been delayed due to creative differences.

The show’s co-host claims WWE wanted to edit “stuff” in the show they filmed over the weekend — which is about the ECW reboot in 2006 — but he and Bruce Prichard are unhappy with the final product because they don’t want to “change the narrative.”

Thompson explains, “I don’t want to whitewash everything that ECW was. So I’m fighting for it and we’re gonna get the best possible product to you this Friday on the WWE Network.”

Prichard responded to a fan who said WWE has the right to keep the show off the air.

Prichard also wrote “wrong” in response to a fan saying it has something to do with Chris Benoit.