Spoilers: WWE Cruiserweight Classic Second Round Tapings

WWE Cruiserweight Classic

Thanks to Will Henderson (@willh94) for texting us the following WWE Cruiserweight Classic spoilers from tonight’s tapings at Full Sail University:

* Gran Metalik defeated Tajiri in a really good match that went about 10 minutes with some awesome highspots. Metalik wins with the Dorada Screwdriver after ducking a kick

* Kota Ibushi defeated Cedric Alexander in an amazing, amazing match. The crowd was absolutely electric for this and gave a standing ovation mid-match. Too much to recap. Ibushi kicks out of a brainbuster and wins after a brutal suplex, kick to the head and the sit-out powerbomb. After the match and off camera, Cedric comes back out for a huge standing ovation. Triple H comes out from behind the curtain to pat Cedric on the back as the crowd pops huge

* Akira Tozawa defeated Jack Gallagher in a decent match. The crowd was actually not happy with the result as Gallagher had gotten over. Tozawa wins with the deadlift delayed German

* Noam Dar defeated HoHo Lun in another decent but underwhelming match. Dar won with a leg lock

* Brian Kendrick defeated Tony Nese in another solid match. There was a nice spot where Kendrick stuffed Nese’s arm into the turnbuckle pad and attacked him while he was trapped. At one point, Nese lifts Kendrick up with one arm out of an armbar and tosses him into the buckles. Nese reverses Kendrick’s submission for a near fall, and Kendrick kicks out of Nese’s pumphandle reverse driver. Kendrick rolls out of the way of the 450 splash and locks on his choke for the win

* Rich Swann defeated Lince Dorado in a great match with some comedy spots early on but good wrestling. The crowd was all for Swann. There was a cool spot midway in the match where both guys bicycle kicked each other at the same time. Swann hit a twisting inverted 450 for the win. They hug after the match

* Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Drew Gulak in an awesome technical match. Gulak refused the handshake at the start of the match. Great technical wrestling here, lots of different submissions and definitely a change of pace from everything else. There was a brutal slap exchange late in the match. Sabre reverses Gulak’s attempt at a choke into a pinning combination for the win

* TJ Perkins defeated Johnny Gargano in the main event. This was a really great match with the crowd behind both guys. There was a scary spot where Gargano flipped onto TJ outside but his legs hit the timekeeper’s table and chair. Gargano sold a leg injury but lawn darts TJ into the turnbuckle for a near fall. TJ locked on a leg lock for a huge upset win. After the match, they hug. A trainer comes out to check on Gargano and help him to the back. Not sure if it’s a worked injury or not

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