Spoilers: WWE Cruiserweight Classic Tapings from 6/23/16

WWE Cruiserweight Classic

Thanks to Will Henderson (@willh94) for texting us the following WWE Cruiserweight Classic spoilers from tonight’s tapings at Full Sail University:

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* Mike Rome is the ring announcer. Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan are on commentary. Tonight will feature the entire first round

* The talent parade introduces all 32 participants to the crowd, in the ring with their own entrances

July 13th Episode:

* Gran Metalik defeated Alejandro Saez. Charles Robinson was the referee. The match was announced with a 20 minute time limit but ended quick with a few high spots from each guy. Metalik won with the Dorada Screwdriver

* Ho Ho Lun defeated Ariya Daivari. Daivari was over as a heel big time and refused a handshake to start. There was a goofy “Ho Ho” chant in the style of Sami Zayn’s “ole!” chants. This was a more grounded match as Daivari worked headlocks and holds. Lun played the underdog role and got the win out of nowhere with a German suplex into a bridge

* Cedric Alexander defeated Clement Petiot. They started with a handshake but pulled each other in to talk smack. Cedric won a really good match with the Lumbar Check

* After each match, the winner has their hand raised and name announced in the center of the ring like UFC or boxing

* The Brian Kendrick defeated Raul Mendoza. Raul looked very impressive early and had the crowd behind him. Kendrick worked as a heel. Raul hit a twisting corkscrew plancha to the outside at one point. He also did a coast-to-coast with Kendrick in the Tree of Woe, then a Lumbar Check but Kendrick got his foot on the ropes. Kendrick got the win with a choke submission. Fans chanted for Mendoza after the match. Someone was busted open in this match as the ring canvas had to be changed after

July 20th Episode:

* Tajiri defeated Damian Slater in a decent match. Tajiri can still go. He got the win with the kick to the head

* TJ Perkins defeated Da Mack. This was another really good match, highly entertaining performances from both men. Perkins won with his Figure 4 Deathlock. They shook hands after the match and fans chanted for Mack

* Lince Dorado defeated Mustafa Ali. Dorado was over huge as he’s a Florida indie guy and he got the biggest pop of the night so far. This was another good match with lots of high spots, getting the first “this is awesome” chant of the night. Dorado won with a Shooting Star Press after Ali missed an inverted 450. After the match, trainers tended to Ali and he was helped to the back while holding his neck

* Akira Tozawa defeated Kenneth Johnson in a good, stiff, mat-based technical match. The crowd didn’t really know how to respond with Tozawa making noises for the majority of the match. He won with a deadlift German suplex

July 27th Episode:

* Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Tyson Dux in an awesome technical match. Sabre won with an armbar

* Drew Gulak defeated Harv Shira. This was another solid match. Shira brought the flash and Gulak brought the technical side. Gulak won with the body scissors guillotine choke

* Tony Nese defeated Anthony Bennett. Bennett’s comedy character against the seriousness of Nese was a nice dynamic. Nese won with a 450 but there was an awkward finish as the referee stopped him from hitting the move to check on Bennett’s knee, then gave him the go-ahead to do the move. Trainers came out to check on Bennett. They both shook hands and Bennett was helped to the back

* Kota Ibushi defeated Sean Maluta in an awesome match. Ibushi got a big pop and won with a huge sit-out powerbomb

August 3rd Episode:

* Rich Swann defeated Jason Lee. Huge pop for Swann. “All Night Long” chants, and “Can You Handle This” chants as that’s in his new theme. Very entertaining match. Swann wins with a standing 450.

* Noam Dar defeated Gurv Shira in an OK match. Dar won with a leg lock but the crowd didn’t care for this one

* Jack Gallagher defeated Fabian Aichner. This was a fun little match. Gallagher won with a huge corner dropkick

* Johnny Gargano defeated Tomasso Ciampa in an amazing stiff match. These guys went all out. At one point, Ciampa hesitated hitting a bare knee strike to the head, not wanting to hurt his partner, then Johnny super kicked him, but Ciampa countered with a powerbomb on his knees. Gargano wins when he reverses an armbar into a crucifix pin. Ciampa was upset at the loss and walked away from a handshake, but came back in, sat down by Johnny and hugged him to end the tapings

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