What Is Stephanie McMahon’s Bra Size?

Stephanie McMahon

Has there ever been a woman in the history of WWE that had fans talking about her breasts as much as Stephanie McMahon?

After taking a break from television in May 2001, Stephanie returned in the summer with her boobs appearing to have been surgically enhanced, whether by design or otherwise, put the female wrestlers’ plastic in the shade. Amidst speculation that she had her breasts enlarged, Stephanie said it was true during a radio interview.

While appearing on The Opie & Anthony Show on August 14, 2001, Stephanie said she underwent surgery the month before, shortly before she became the fictional owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). She also noted that her implants had become swollen and was massaging for medical purposes.

Stephanie explained she’d never been hurt by a fan sign until she saw one that suggested her boobs sagged. Now, she said, they weren’t saggy anymore. She could finally look in the mirror and be happy with her appearance.

During the same interview, Stephanie revealed her bra size (when asked).

“Well, you know, I actually went to where I used to be in college and it’s just a D,” Stephanie said.

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on October 17, 2002, Stephanie said she underwent the procedure because she didn’t like the way her boobs looked.

“Well, I lost a lot of weight. I had boobs when I was heavier and I lost a lot of weight and they were like melted packets of butter,” Stephanie told Howard Stern. “I just didn’t like the way they looked.”

Stephanie also said she thought about undergoing another augmentation due to a recent weight loss that made her breasts smaller.

Stephanie McMahon

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