Steve Austin, The Rock, William Regal, John Cena, Bray Wyatt and Others Remember Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes

– As you can see, there is a lot of love for WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes in the wrestling world. Below are more reactions from Twitter on his passing:

Today I lost a mentor. One man that single handedly touched so many lives. He always believed in me. When people asked me what it is like to train with The American Dream Dusty Rhodes I say, "He always believe in me, from day one. He was one of the only ones to give me a chance very early on." At times he believed in me more then I believed in myself. He always said he saw big things for me. Within the first couple weeks at FCW he made me General Manager. He gave me a role on tv while I learned how to wrestle because he believed in me. He gave me that chance bc he trusted I would deliver. For months at FCW I wasn't booked for weekend shows but I was ALWAYS booked on Thursday night Tampa house shows bc he was making the card! If it wasn't for Dusty my name would actually be 'Kylie Summers'. Not a bad name really but he told the whole class "Ain't no star named mother f'ing Kylie Summers". He then placed a call to have it changed. NO ONE went to bat for us more than Dream. No one. Some of the best advice that I have ever received has come from him. There have been times where I am live on RAW & have heard his advice verbatim in my head & used it. Invaluable. I will always be grateful to him for that. Grateful to him for showing me the way during the very impressionable & critical first year of my career. Grateful for just being able to know him, work with him, & meet him. What a caring, passionate, fiery soul. Your attitude is infectious! Not to mention – laugh out loud hilarious! No filter & we wouldn't have it any other way. You felt like one of his kids. It was family. And nothing made him happier then seeing you succeed. Nothing. You've helped SO many men & women LIVE out their dreams. Thank you. Thank you Dusty. You are irreplaceable. #ThankYouDusty #inspiration #creativegenius #RIPDusty #AmericanDream #DustyRhodes #mentor #heavengotagoodone

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For Dream. I'm writing this from Churchill's in Miami, FL. I was on my way here today when I got the news. I may be half kicked in the ass, but hey, whiskey is good for a broken heart. (I think he'd like that. Sounds like an old country lyric.) It still seems surreal to me that he's gone. Dusty was a legend. There aren't many of those left these days. A real, true, American hero. He taught me more than I could ever accurately describe. Most people would never know, that when my career was cut short, he was the first to go to bat for me. He made me part of his "staff." Most of the time, we'd just listen to old country songs and eat BBQ in his office during "staff meetings." But, eventually, he trusted me enough to run a promo class each week at the PC. I spent countless hours with the Dream, "rebooking the territory," and trying to come up with ideas for the new NXT Talent. He called them his "kids." And he meant it. Beyond his beautiful, talented "blood" family, Dusty looked at every talent as one of his own. He cared. Sometimes too much. And he was never afraid to go to war for them. I could sit for hours reminiscing. I'm sure I will. So many stories. So much knowledge. But if I knew Dusty at all, I'd know that he wouldn't want anybody mourning. He'd want everyone that knew, watched, or just enjoyed the American Dream, not to weep that he's gone. But rather smile because you knew Dusty Rhodes. I miss you Dream. I love you. @wwe #Dusty

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I first met Dusty Rhodes at 5yrs old when me and my family were spending time with him and his family on their ranch. This man would become not only a great inspiration and mentor to me, but more importantly inspire and entertain wrestling fans around the world by becoming one of the greatest of all time. Dusty's epically entertaining "Bionic elbow" was my inspiration to create "The most electrifying move in sports entertainment – The People's Elbow". This Heavyweight World Champion personified the blue collar fighting spirit and his influence on the wrestling business is invaluable. I'll be forever grateful for the tremendous influence he's had on me and my career in our beloved squared circle. Miss and love you Dusty.. RIP brother. #HardTimesDaddy #SonOfAPlumber #BadDudeInTheGame #TheAmericanDream

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