Tammy Sytch Hospitalized Again


Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) has been hospitalized since Monday and remains there as of Sunday. According to PWInsider.com, police and an ambulance were called to her home in Pennsylvania before she was taken to the hospital.

On her Facebook page, Sytch referred to her medical issues as being related to her pancreas. In her autobiography that was released earlier this year, she said that past health issues involving her pancreatitis were brought on by her heavy drinking and nearly led to her death in the past.

Sytch also noted on Facebook that she may need to have her gallbladder removed and she’s been in constant abdominal pain.

Sytch is currently on five years probation after pleading guilty to three DUI related arrests in 2015. Her time in rehab was counted towards a 95-day jail sentence, although when she was sentenced last month, the WWE Hall of Famer was told that if there were any issues with fulfilling her probation, the judge still reserved his right to revoke it and potentially send her to jail for the DUI charges.

At the time, Sytch was also ordered to undergo bi-weekly drug and alcohol testing.