Tammy Sytch Photos You Need To See


“My definition of a Diva is that all-around, well-rounded performer.”

This statement perfectly sums up the career of the woman who is arguably WWE’s original Diva, Sunny (aka Tammy Sytch). In her incredible career, Sunny did it all: managing, wrestling, modeling, and everything in between.

Hot Tammy Sytch Photos You Need To See
Tammy Sytch proves why she’s among the hottest women in wrestling in these photos that show the WWE Hall of Famer wearing very little, and leaving even less to the imagination. Check out these 20 hot and sexy photos of the original Diva.

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Sunny Still Looks Hot
Sunny still looks hot these days. Check out these recent photos of the WWE Hall of Famer.

Tammy Sytch Resorts To Selling Herself On Skype

In what can only be seen as a brand new low for Tammy Sytch, the WWE Hall of Famer has resorted to appearing nude via Skype.

While it had only been speculated that Sunny appeared nude in these one-on-one video sessions, images of the former WWE Diva baring skin from one such session are going around now and she shows everything. We can’t publish the pics here, but they’re not awfully difficult to find on Twitter.

Here is a story on the situation:

Tamara “Sunny” Sytch was one of the original Diva’s in the WWF/E and to this day is one of the most well-known and recognizable stars from professional wrestling.

Sytch began her career in the Jim Cornette led Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion based in Tennessee along with her boyfriend Chris Candido. The duo would soon find themselves in the WWE where Sytch would find success as a manager/valet to a number of teams. It was in the WWE where Sytch would soon begin to build a reputation for herself.

Although Sytch and Candido had been a couple for a number of years Sytch was caught up in a romance with WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels in 1997, one that friends allege was more of a drug fueled relationship than romance. In summer of 1998 Sytch was fired by the WWE for numerous no-shows (not appearing on scheduled dates) as well as being a disruption backstage and having addiction problems.

Sytch and Candido would join the Paul Heyman led ECW in 1998 for a brief stat that was again punctuated with more allegations of drug abuse including reports that Sytch had been found passed out in a dressing room.

A short stay in WCW found Sytch continued to be hounded by drug issues and she and Candido did not last long for the promotion. Candido would catch on with the then fledgling TNA promotion but would suffer an ankle injury that saw him come back too soon and he suffered a fatal embolism while on a flight back to New Jersey.

In 2012 Sytch was arrested five different times over a four week period on a variety of charges including burglary, violating a protective order and domestic violence stemming from her volatile relationship with then boyfriend Damien Darling. During her last stint in jail Sytch claimed to have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, one of the most deadly cancers among women with close to a third of women diagnosed will succumb to the disease.

Sytch has been in rehab numerous times including back-to-back stints paid for by the WWE but the WWE issued a statement saying they would no longer provide treatment for Sytch since “it obviously isn’t working.”

A number of DVDs were released by various companies during the time Sytch was having her legal trouble and battling her addictions. The DVDs ranged from hours long interviews detailing how Sytch and her life were spiraling out of control to backstage access in a “day in the life of” story. Many people felt like Sytch and her troubles were being exploited by scrupulous DVD producers.

Today Sytch has taken to social media, including advertising on Twitter that she will Skype with individuals for money including showing her breasts for $50 (for 10 minutes) and showing even more for $100 (for 10 minutes) while watching you “do whatever you want on your end.”

Sytch is no stranger to appearing nude having been part of former valet Missy Hyatt’s now defunct “Wrestling Vixxxens” where Sytch, Hyatt and a number of other valets/wrestlers would pose nude for the pay site. It is believed that adult cinema company Vivid Entertainment is now interested in Sytch for a possible movie opportunity.

The following is the email sent to prospective customers for the Skype adventures with Sytch;


I’ll be Skyping tonight after 7pm eastern time

It’s $10 for every 4 minutes of regular chat

$50 for 10 minutes with some skin (boobs)

$100 for 10 minutes to see a whole lot more 😉

Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll give you payment info

Once payment comes thru, I’ll contact you to set up a time

It’s a lot of fun! And you can do whatever you want on your end

Tam xoxo

The latest exploits of Sytch, being nude on Skype while watching people on the other end “do whatever” is just another chapter in what has become such a sad life for a former WWE Superstar.

Sytch appearing nude on Skype comes after she declined a six-figure offer to pose for <em>Playboy</em>in 1997. A few years later, however, Sytch frequently posed nude for Missy Hyatt’s adult website Wrestling Vixxxens. Sytch said years later that she regretted it.

In 2016, Vivid Entertainment released a pornographic film featuring Sytch titled Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor.

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