Kelly Kelly Opens Up On Ex-Boyfriend Andrew “Test” Martin’s Death Seven Years Ago


The former Kelly Kelly, Barbie Blank, opened up on the 2009 passing of one-time boyfriend Andrew “Test” Martin in an interview on Thursday.

During an in-studio interview with The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro to promote the E! reality show WAGS, Blank revealed that shortly before Martin passed away, the two talked about potentially getting back together.

“I saw him up until the week before and yeah it was rough,” said Blank. “That was about seven years ago now. He was healthy, he was doing better. We were talking about like future and I was like, ‘you know we’ll see what happens down down the line,’ and I was like, ‘I’ll always love you, I’ll always love you.’ I was like, ‘I still don’t know what I want to do, you need to work on yourself, I need to grow up a little more, but you never know, down the line.'”

Martin was found dead in his Tampa, Florida home on March 13, 2009, four days before his 34th birthday. His death was ruled an accidental overdose of oxycodone. Blank says that she learned of his passing after having just wrestled at a WWE show.

“The police called me before they called his family,” she explained. “They were like, ‘we can’t tell you much, but you know we have Andrew here,’ and I just immediately knew. I was backstage, I just had a match, I was like the one to tell.”