WWE Announces A Strict No Bag Policy For NXT Tapings At Full Sail

WWE NXT logo

WWE has announced a “strict no bag policy” for Friday’s NXT tapings at Full Sail University in Florida. It will be “in effect for all future WWE events at FullSail Live.”

The new policy is part of WWE’s operations maturing at Full Sail, as well as increasing safety at tapings as NXT become more and more popular.

Before NXT got really popular about a year ago, there was virtually no security and the staff was really lax. There was minimal policing and people floated in and out of the building as they pleased.

Now, the events are run with a much tighter security detail and some of the regular fans who have attended since the beginning have been slow to adapt to changes.

The next step of a no bag policy is a logical next step to increase safety and peace of mind for attendees, especially in light of the recent events in Orlando.