The Rock Meets Back Up with Cancer Survivor, WWE Sells All Undertaker DVDs In One Day?, Tough Enough

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

– In this WWE Tough Enough digital extra, The Miz checks in with Tanner and Josh to see how their training is progressing and to share some cardio advice:

– We noted yesterday that WWE’s “The Undertaker: The Streak 21-1” DVD will come as a limited edition coffin box set with only 666 copies made for fans in the United States and 2101 copies made for fans in Europe. notes that pre-orders for the 666 US DVDs went up yesterday and by the evening they were already marked “currently unavailable” on Amazon. The DVD is still listed as unavailable as of this writing so it appears WWE sold all 666 units on the first day of taking pre-orders.

– You may remember back in April when cancer survivor Nick Miller chased The Rock’s truck down in a parking lot just to meet his hero. During Nick’s battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he looked at The Rock as a source of inspiration. When they met in the parking lot that day, Rock took to Twitter to tell his fans about the encounter. Rock met up with Nick again on Wednesday and reported that he has been cancer-free for two years, and his life has changed in a big way since their first meeting. Rock and Nick posted the following videos:

Great update to a cool story… I just ran into @giraffe_boy again. The first time we met months ago he was running after my pick up truck (literally running behind my truck thru the parking lot) and I thought it was an excited fan.. I stopped the truck and had an inspiring once in a lifetime moment. He told me he'd been battling Hodgkins Lymphoma and though we had never met, he said that he'd been trying to shake my hand and tell me I was his inspiration to beat it. Well I happened to run into Nick again and he told me since I posted our pic on Instagram along with our story that made national headlines – his life had completely changed. He's become a source for inspiration and hope for people around the world going thru their tough times. He's been asked to speak to kids at schools and the best part he told me…. he's been cancer free for two years now. Hell yeah bud! I always say it, but moments like this with fans will always be the best part of my job. And what a helluva reminder for us all to count our blessings.. cause there's always something to be grateful for. Stay strong Nick and if any of y'all are out there going thru your own challenges then you stay strong too and I hope this post helps in some small way. ~ DJ

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