TNA Issues Statement On Backstage Incident Involving Awesome Kong and Reby Sky

Awesome Kong

John Gaburick, Executive Vice President of TNA Wrestling, issued a statement Saturday on his Twitter account regarding an incident that took place Friday at the Manchester Arena involving Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens) and Reby Sky (Rebecca Hardy).

Prior to the Impact Wrestling TV taping at the Manchester Arena, Kia Stevens was involved in an incident involving Rebecca Hardy. Subsequently, Kia was removed from the tour and returned to the United States. The matter is being reviewed to determine if any additional disciplinary action will be taken.

The incident was originally reported by Mike Johnson of, who said that Kong took issue with Sky attempting to dress in the women’s locker room and tossed her bag into the hallway. Although Sky is a performer for the company, she had not changed in the women’s locker room before.

Kong’s actions prompted Sky to leave the locker room. When she returned to retrieve her things, Kong went after her for “not apologizing.”

There are two stories on the incident circulating among TNA workers. One story is that Kong attempted to assault Sky, but was quickly restrained from doing so. The second story, which Johnson heard from ‘far’ more people, is that Kong throttled Sky around the neck before being restrained by security guards and producer Pat Kenney.

Johnson added that Sky’s infant son was in the vicinity of the ordeal. has reported additional details on the situation, namely that Sky returned to the locker room to retrieve items for her infant child and Kong blocked the door. Sky reportedly responded by calling Kong “a fucking maniac” and that’s where things may or may not have gotten physical as originally reported.