TNA Star Says He Made A Bet With CM Punk On Rosa Mendes


Tyrus, who was known as Brodus Clay in WWE, claims he made a bet with CM Punk over whether Rosa Mendes will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

Tyrus said on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, “CM Punk and I, and this is the first time I’ll talk about this, we have a bet. We have a $20 bet on the Hall of Fame that Roucka [the WWE Diva’s real last name] goes to the [WWE] Hall of Fame. Roucka, Rosa Mendes, goes to the Hall of Fame before or at the same time as CM Punk.”

Tyrus also discussed his time in WWE as The Funkasaurus.

“I got catfished by WWE constantly. You’re 26 – 0, and then you run into the Big Show and then you’re 0 – 26. And then I would get started. We’d get started. And then I’d get stopped. We’d get stopped. Get started, get stopped.” Tyrus joked, “I was like the catfish internet date. The first month you talked to me, it was awesome. Then, I sent you a couple of pictures that you really weren’t sure were me. And then we met at the coffee shop and you’re like, ‘you are not the person in the person in the picture. I’m sorry.'”

As for why Tyrus never complained about his slide in WWE, he admitted that there is a fine line between being a team player and being the guy who questions everything. Tyrus claimed that he hoped that by not questioning anything, he would get to a point of respect with the company that they would ask him for his input on the creative end.

“I never questioned anything. If I was told to do something, I just tried to do it to the best of my ability. There were guys that would question things and that probably served them well, but I always had this stupid sense of, ‘oh, I’m doing the right thing and I’ll be rewarded for it because I’m doing the right thing’,” Tyrus admitted.

“If they say, ‘tonight you’re putting such and such over’, it shouldn’t be an issue because it’s about the match and it’s about entertaining and getting a chance to be out there.”