How Much Is WWE Paying Alberto Del Rio? – Conflicting Reports

Alberto Del Rio

It is being rumored that Alberto Del Rio signed a contract with WWE that would see him make $1,450,000 per year downside with a reduced schedule. A WWE spokesperson contacted Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer, who claimed the rumored figure, and said that it is not accurate. Instead, the spokesperson claimed it was “about a one-third of that number.”

According to Bryan Alvarez of, people he’s spoken to say the number is significantly more than one-third of that. It should be noted that several people close to Del Rio swear that he is making $1,450,000 downside.

Meltzer addressed the number in a post on the message board. While three people he spoke to said Del Rio signed on for $1,450,000 per year, he believes he’s “working people” (lying).

I didn’t go with the number until triple sourced, but there you go. Konnan wasn’t a money source although very clearly he was told that he was doing the TV dates in Mexico when it’s clear he was never going to.

No excuses. He was obviously working people, just like really everything all week.

Still, bad call on my part given the nature of the story and following the wXw situation to believe anything from that side.