Old Racist and Homophobic Tweets From New WWE Signee Emerge

Trevor Lee

With former IMPACT Wrestling star Trevor Lee set to join the WWE Performance Center, several offensive tweets from his past have emerged.

A Twitter user by the name of rovert who has broken the news of a number of WWE signings alluded to Lee having a dark past on the social media platform by remarking on Wednesday that he should use TweetDelete (a service which can mass delete tweets older before a specified date).

Rovert said this in response to Lee not responding to him on Tuesday.

A Twitter user by the name of cien ✘ dug up Lee’s offensive tweets, advising him to delete them — one by one — “before it’s too late.”

The tweets in question are from 2011 and 2012 and include racist and homophobic remarks. Lee immediately deleted the tweets in question, but not before I captured screenshots of them.

Lee also did a tweet making light of rape.

After these tweets emerged, Lee set his account to private.

Lee wrestled his final match for IMPACT Wrestling in November and announced on January 1 via Twitter that he’s a free agent. Lee then announced on January 12 at a CWF Mid-Atlantic show in Gibsonville, North Carolina that he had signed a contract with WWE. According to a report by Wrestling Inc. on Monday, he is scheduled to report to the WWE Performance Center in February (after fulfilling his last remaining indie wrestling dates).