WWE Star Jokes About Sasha Banks’ Wardrobe Malfunction On Raw

Sasha Banks

Before colliding for the Raw Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble, Sasha Banks and Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey teamed up with their best friends on Raw.

With Bayley by her side, Sasha came out on top as “The Boss” trapped Natalya in the Bank Statement to score the victory.

If you watched Raw on the USA Network, you may have noticed the screen go black for about two seconds while Sasha and Natalya were wrestling. The reason for this is because Sasha suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Sasha had her legs wrapped around Natalya’s shoulders when her tights fell down to expose her backside. Sasha, however, wasn’t exactly exposed as she wore pantyhose over a thong. She then quickly hiked her tights back up.

Since Raw airs on a seven-second delay, Sasha’s wardrobe malfunction wasn’t shown on the USA Network. It was, however, shown on a satellite feed of Raw. Click here to see the images.

Scott Dawson joked about Sasha’s mishap on Twitter with the following:

Sasha didn’t respond to Dawson’s tweet, but she did ‘like’ it.

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