Triple H on Mojo Rawley’s Fan Reactions, Zack Ryder on If They’re Ready for WWE’s Main Roster, More

Mojo Rawley

– WWE NXT got some good mainstream press this Mojo Rawley was profiled by The Washington Post. The full article can be found at this link. They also spoke with Mojo’s tag team partner Zack Ryder and Triple H, who commented on fan reactions to Mojo:

“Love him or hate him, as long as they’re loud. He’s a polarizing person, but that’s awesome, and I think that’s his charm.”

Regarding the “Hype Bros.” team with Ryder, it was noted that the two got to know each other better, which helped in the ring, back in December as they traveled with WWE’s main roster for live events. Ryder told Rawley:

“Before this weekend, I wasn’t sure if we were ready for ‘Raw,’ if we were ready for the main roster, to debut this on a large scale. After this weekend, we’re ready to show them something they’ve never seen before, and it’s going to work.”

The article also mentioned that WWE officials seemed optimistic about the team, leading to more main roster live event bookings after the Christmas holiday. Mojo commented on a possible call-up:

“Now, it’s legit. It literally could happen at any time. Mojo Rawley is ready to be Mojo Rawley.”

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