Tyson Kidd On How He Prepares For Matches, Staying In Shape While Traveling With WWE, Randy Savage

Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd spoke with Atlantic City Weekly to promote this weekend’s WWE live event. The full Q&A can be found at this link. Below are some highlights:

Q: There’s a lot of history inside Boardwalk Hall, including Wrestlemania IV and V. What’s it like wrestling in a venue that has so much history within your business?

A: For me it’s very cool. Macho Man is one of my all-time favorites and Wrestlemania IV was where he won the World Championship in the tournament. That was the only Wrestlemania set up like that. And Macho Man wrestled four times that night and he came out as champion and that’s always cool. Every time I pull up to that arena I always know that this is the place that Macho Man main-evented Wrestlemania IV and won the WWE Championship. Things like that are always cool.

Q: How do you personally stay in shape and stay fresh with the constant travel you guys do?

A: I train seven days a week. A couple of those days are straight cardio days and just getting that blood pumping and I think that’s the secret. I know everybody is different but, for me, that’s the secret. If we have a long flight — Friday I flew from Tampa to Denver — as soon as I land, the first thing I did, Cesaro and I worked out. I went and got my blood pumping and I felt awesome. Instead of showing up to the live event and feeling all sluggish and lethargic, I felt great.

Q: What type of pre-match shows or rituals get you into the zone for that night?

A: A little bit before my match I make sure I stick to my old Japanese roots and bust out 100 hindu squats, especially since my knee injury, I make sure the blood is warmed up in my legs. I do a bunch of pushups and I play with this resistance band that I have. I leave a couple at home because I know I’ll lose this one on the road because I’ve left about 10 to 20 of them on the road over the years.