The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

Undertaker and Michelle McCool

Once considered taboo, former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion Michelle McCool has been giving fans a peek at her relationship with “The Deadman” himself, The Undertaker.

Many WWE Superstars have benefited from the attention social media has afforded them, but not The Undertaker. He is rare figure who grows in lore by the mysterious, almost mythical nature of his persona. This makes it all the more shocking that he has begun letting his guard down.This power couple have been out and about at football games, fun runs, and even on Halloween. The former WWE Diva is more than happy to put her relationship with the legendary wrestler on display through social media.

Undertaker and Michelle McCool Photos

Undertaker and Michelle McCoolUndertaker and Michelle McCoolUndertaker and Michelle McCoolUndertaker and Michelle McCool

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In September, concern was raised for the health of The Undertaker after rumors emerged on the social media that Fred Durst, the frontman of Limp Bizkit, had dedicated the song “Rollin'”, which the WWE Superstar used as his entrance music during his “American Bad Ass” phase in the early 2000s, at a concert by saying: “This next song goes out to our friend Mark Calaway, The Undertaker. He’s not doing real well right now and we want all our fans to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.”

In response, McCool went on Instagram to say that her famous husband is actually fine. Accompanied by a recent photo of the power couple, she wrote: “Sadly, there’s always rumors about my hubby! Apparently he’s now super sick and not doing well! While we always appreciate thoughts & prayers, we are ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD”. And also added the hashtag: “#AsGoodAsGold.”

During McCool’s time with WWE, which came to an end in 2011, the Palatka, Florida native was harshly criticized over the perception that she took the fast track to glory. After entering an intimate relationship with The Undertaker in late-2007—they would get married on June 26, 2010 in Houston, Texas—many critics attributed her lofty position in the sports-entertainment organization to her influential partner rather than her ability to perform. Months after her retirement from the squared circle in May 2011, she was asked in an interview whether she received resentment from her colleagues due to her relationship with “The Deadman.”

“Bottom line: People in our business are always going to look to find reasons to see the negative in somebody and to become resentful. I don’t really know where it began: probably with me getting the tag as “Diva Search reject.” But I don’t know anybody who, if they had an opportunity like the Diva Search, they wouldn’t jump at it. If they didn’t jump at it, they’d be idiots,” McCool stated to Inside Wrestling.

“People can say what they want to say, but at the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror. I know how hard I fought. I know how many storylines I pitched. I know how hard I worked in the ring. I can’t tell you the number of times I was one of the first people at the arenas or at TV, constantly trying to better myself. I can honestly say that my hard work paid off. My resilience paid off. My persistence paid off. That’s all there is to it. People are always going to say what they want to say and believe what they want to believe, but that’s the bottom line.”

The couple have one daughter together, Kaia Faith Calaway, who was born on August 28, 2012. Kaia is McCool’s first child and The Undertaker’s fourth.

News of The Undertaker and McCool expecting their first child together first came to light on August 1, 2012. That evening at a Florida Championship Wrestling live event in Tampa, Florida, organization president Steve Keirn announced in front of the live audience that The Undertaker and McCool were expecting their first child together. On August 29, 2012, WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia publicly offered her congratulations to The Undertaker and McCool for their “new bundle of joy—on Twitter—suggesting that the former WWE Diva had given birth to the baby the couple were expecting.

The baby’s name and gender was revealed by The Undertaker’s eldest son Gunner, who welcomed Kaia Faith Calaway to the world on August 28, 2012 through Twitter.

Undertaker Celebrates His 50th Birthday With Michelle McCool

Undertaker and Michelle McCool

The Undertaker celebrates a milestone birthday on Tuesday as he turns 50-years-old. He is celebrating the occasion with wife and former WWE Diva Michelle McCool, who posted the above photo on Instagram.

The Undertaker is one of the most mysterious and private individuals to ever have a career in the professional wrestling industry. Details which should be easily verifiable, such as his age, have been disputed.

For years, The Undertaker was believed to have born in 1962 since that is the year listed for him on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). He is, however, legitimately 50-years-old—he was born on March 24, 1965 in Houston, Texas. This is based on two pieces of evidence.

According to’s list of births in Texas in 1965, Mark William Calaway—his real name—was born in Houston on March 24, 1965. Furthermore, according to the official website of Stephen Pool Waltrip High School in Houston, Texas, he graduated from the secondary school in 1983.

Undertaker and Michelle McCool Photos

Undertaker and Michelle McCoolUndertaker and Michelle McCoolUndertaker and Michelle McCoolUndertaker and Michelle McCool

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool Make Rare Public Appearance, Home Targeted With Toilet Paper Prank

The Undertaker and his wife, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool, made a rare public appearance together on Sunday as they participated in the CC4C 4th Annual Micro Marathon 4 Inspiration in Bee Cave, Texas. It is a 2.62 mile family fun run around the Hill Country Galleria designed to raise funds to help inspire children suffering from rare and undiagnosed conditions. Here is a photo of the couple at the race, which Mark Henry also participated in.

McCool also posted a photo of herself with The Undertaker.

While The Undertaker and McCool were out at the charity event, their home fell victim to a toilet paper prank. The former WWE Diva released these photos on Instagram, noting, “Hey big, bad TP’ers……have you ever heard of OUTDOOR security cameras? Not so bright, huh? #cowards #didnotevendogoodjob #seeyasoon #thelaseronlymissedyoubyaminute #youmaynotunderstandthatone #CHL #nobiggie #youreoncandidcamera.”