Update On Rumors Of The Undertaker Facing Braun Strowman At WrestleMania 32


Thursday on the Wrestling Observer Live radio show, host Bryan Alvarez said he heard from a source within WWE that the company has plans for Braun Strowman to face Big Show at Fastlane and beat him, which will then lead to a WrestleMania showdown with The Undertaker. Alvarez has since taken to Twitter to say that he was only speculating this could be a possibility.

The claim was brought to the attention of Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer, who replied “Wow, another story I didn’t write.”

Alvarez then Retweeted a fan who said, “no, Bryan speculated it because braun was protected in the rumble, it’s SPECULATION.”

Alvarez then tweeted, “I am going to start blocking people who do this.”

Strowman was protected at the Royal Rumble, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be the one chosen to face “The Deadman.” Rumors have swirled since the fall that it could be the case, but just as likely is that Strowman is being kept strong to be a player in the Wyatts’ feud with Brock Lesnar.

If it is Strowman who gets the nod, it will at least be a visual spectacle, with the old school giant versus monster booking to it. As a wrestling match, it could flop since Strowman is inexperienced. WWE would not want to put him in a position for failure and therefore not go through with the match.