Update on the Hulk Hogan Rumors, WWE Reportedly Heard Audio Last Night, Satire Story Going Around

Hulk Hogan

– There is a story on the Hulk Hogan situation going around from a “Read Talk Share” website and it should be noted that the website is satire. Any Hogan story on there is just that – satire. The story has already been shared thousands of times and by the looks of social media, people are believing it.

However, there is another website that claims they heard a snippet from the alleged Hogan audio that is going around. MediaTakeout.com, which has been the source of some crazy rumors over the years but has also reported credible stories, says they heard part of the audio and called it “disgusting, there can be no doubt that Hulk Hogan is a racist.” They allege that the tape was discovered during Hogan’s lawsuit with Gawker, which backs up other rumors we’ve heard. They add that it was sold to the National Enquirer and comes from a legal disposition. MTO also noted that WWE had the chance to hear the audio on Thursday night and were appalled, which is why they began distancing themselves.

As noted, WWE removed all Hogan mentions from their website, removed his merchandise from WWE Shop and he’s been pulled as a judge on Tough Enough. They even dropped the “Axelmania” gimmick for Curtis Axel that was a Hogan parody.

Sources are still saying that the audio in question will be released this morning so we will keep you updated.

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