Video: Billy Corgan Talks State of TNA Impact Wrestling and The Smashing Pumpkins

Impact Wrestling

As seen above, Billy Corgan – the new President of Impact Ventures – gave a “state of the union” address to discuss everything going on including the Smashing Pumpkins and his new role as part of TNA. The highlights can be found below:

* Regarding TNA, Corgan says he’s now the President of the second biggest wrestling company in the world and has been involved for about the last 5 years. He takes the business and the people in the business very seriously. Corgan says he loves pro wrestling and he’s not backing down from that. He calls it an honor to be President of a major company that has a long, rich history. He plans on being as successful in wrestling as he has been in music. Corgan says he’s very passionate about the TNA job and doing things outside of music that he loves makes him love music even more

* Corgan admits there are many challenges with TNA. He says the company has had some real difficult things going on internally and he’s stepped in to help on the ownership side, plus now the management side. Corgan says it’s fun and cool, and he’s looking to make the coolest, edgiest and most ground-breaking wrestling company of this century. Corgan stresses that him now doing wrestling and music will benefit each other

* Corgan downplays rumors of The Pumpkins getting back together anytime soon but says he is committed to the band and committed to music. He says things are going on but they’re more private than public, things he didn’t even think about mentioning. He says the band is back in touch with each other and that just makes life easier. Corgan says they’re not to the point that they’re getting back together but seems interested in something happening down the road. Corgan later says his musical life is going nowhere but up and if the band does reunite, it will be only about music

* Corgan has no shame in his pro wrestling work and says they’re not going to fail. If they fail and he tried, then that’s just life. Corgan says he loves the business and doesn’t see anything wrong with it as it’s a 100+ year business. Corgan says TNA is just another entertainment brand, no different than live theater or making a movie. He mentions shooting crazy footage with drones on a rooftop this week. Corgan hopes this message gave some good news and some focus going forward

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