Video: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Talk UFC 200 Fight

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Above is Paul Heyman’s new sitdown interview with Brock Lesnar to discuss his return to the Octagon at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. Below are highlights:

* Lesnar said he’s returning because he wants to. He didn’t get to leave on his terms and he’s not looking to return to finish something on his own terms, but he wants to be in the Octagon healthy. Lesnar said he was “faking it” for his last few fights and not the man he needed to be. Lesnar said he was “faking” that the diverticulitis disease was more powerful than him

* Lesnar said his memories of being an Ultimate Fighter aren’t very good because of the discomfort, the pain and the unhealthiness of his situation then. Lesnar said he lost to the disease. He’s not here to avenge any of his losses, except the one to diverticulitis. Lesnar added that he really wants this

* Lesnar said life is all about timing and timing feels right for him on this. He feels great and is just ready to do it. He’s been ready for a while and is glad for the opportunity. He’s absolutely doing a training camp. He’s hiring coaches and training partners to do it the old-fashioned way. Lesnar said he has lots of help and people that are excited about this but none are more excited than him and they see that

* Lesnar also said he has a statement to make and is putting 1000% in on this. He said it was not a hard decision to make and that UFC President Dana White didn’t call him, Lesnar made the phone call. Lesnar knows he can’t get into the Octagon “half-assed” and said he wouldn’t put his health in jeopardy if he wasn’t all-in. Lesnar said there are no doubts in his mind about the return

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