Video: Brock Lesnar on Vince McMahon and His UFC Return, Not Being Afraid of Mark Hunt, More

Brock Lesnar

As seen above, Brock Lesnar spoke with Megan Olivi about his return to the Octagon against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 this Saturday night in Las Vegas. Courtesy of FOX Sports, below is a quote on Vince McMahon allowing for this fight:

“The devil’s in the details in the language; it’s not complicated when you have the right people who understand your contracts and understand your life. That really boils down to it. Vince giving me the nod to be able to do this, I have great respect for the man and I think he has a greater respect for Brock Lesnar after I walked out in 2004 and went on to become UFC heavyweight champion.”

Lesnar also commented how Vince knows that a happy Brock Lesnar is easier to work with.

Regarding the fight against Hunt, Lesnar acknowledged that Hunt is known as a heavy-hitter but said he’s beatable. Lesnar says he will be looking for the knockout, defending against it and he’s not scared of getting hit by Hunt. Lesnar is confident about his own striking ability and he’s gone over the fight a million times in his head. Lesnar predicts his hand will be raised at the end.

Lesnar also commented on his family coming first, confirming that he’s living in Canada now. Lesnar said life in Canada is simple, good country living and that’s how he grew up, that’s how he wants to raise his kids now. Lesnar said he wants his kids to know what hard work is and wants them to earn their keep like he did. His family has been very supportive of his Octagon return.

Lesnar also talks about how his training camp went, the fight on Saturday, his accomplishments and more.

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