Video: Triple H Talks Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor, WWE NXT Growth, The End, More

Triple H

Triple H went live with Cathy Kelley on Facebook after tonight’s WWE NXT “Takeover: The End” event at Full Sail University. Video is above and below are highlights:

* In regards to what The End means, he joked that NXT was ending and almost broke the internet for a second. He talked about how the Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe rivalry has produced great matches and this was the end, with the two going to war in a steel cage. The biggest way for him to look at “The End” was what we saw in the opening video, seeing NXT from how it started to what it has grown into. He feels NXT has transitioned from being a developmental brand into a brand in itself. He truly believes NXT is its own brand in every way and tonight marked the beginning of them taking everything in that direction

* He thought Andrade “Cien” Almas’ debut win over Tye Dillinger was incredible. He’s had his eye on the former La Sombra for a while and can’t believe anyone would put a mask on him. He gave props to Tye Dillinger and believes when he does flip his switch, it will be special

* Regarding Dash and Dawson taking back the titles from Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, he praised both teams and The Revival for being the first two-time champions. He doesn’t believe we’ve seen the end of it. He’s not 100% sure why Paul Ellering was there and says it was a surprise to him. He did name them as “The Authors of Pain” and said they made an impact, and having Ellering with them automatically makes him interested

* He says Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Austin Aries was one of those dream matches you always thought “what if?” about. He praised both Superstars and said they prove why NXT is the place to be because guys at that level are constantly trying to get in the door

* Cathy asked about Bobby Roode walking into Regal’s office. Triple H says that’s just another example of everyone wanting to be here. He says NXT is the hottest brand right now and if you want to make your mark in this world, NXT is where you do it

* He does not believe Nia Jax taking a loss to NXT Women’s Champion Asuka is a setback as he’s never seen anyone push Asuka like that. He thinks the other women of NXT are on notice and Jax isn’t going anywhere. He says the women’s division is an impressive landscape and when you know what he knows about who is coming in, the women’s division is about to get very interesting fast. He says Asuka returning to Japan with the title in front of her country and her family is big and some of the pressure is off after tonight

* He believes Joe is really hitting his stride right now. Triple H says Joe is NXT and he feels sorry for anyone who tries to tell him he isn’t. Regarding Balor, he doesn’t see Balor walking away from the title. The Facebook feed is having issues but he also comments on Nakamura breathing down Joe’s neck. He says that battle is coming.

* Triple H says NXT will continue with the explosive growth as they head to the UK for a tour this coming week. He’s also looking forward to “Takeover: Brooklyn” during SummerSlam weekend. He says tickets go on sale this weekend and they will move fast. He says this is the end of the beginning but they are just getting started as NXT will just keep going higher

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