Vince McMahon and Triple H Interested In Bringing Back A WWE Hall of Famer

WWE Hall of Fame

Both Vince McMahon and Triple H have expressed interest in bringing Edge back as a regular character on WWE television.

McMahon feels that “The Rated-R Superstar,” who played in a big part in the success of SmackDown, is one of the most underappreciated Superstars in WWE history. Edge won’t be returning to the ring or ever bumping again, but there is clear interest from both higher-ups in his character being renewed. This of course would hinge on how Edge feels about returning to WWE. Since being forced into retirement in 2011, he has expressed no interest in returning as a non-wrestling personality on a regular basis.

During an interview with last November, Edge was asked whether he could envision himself returning to WWE as an announcer or General Manager type of character.

“Probably not,” he responded. “I kind of closed that chapter when it got closed on me due to injury. Here’s the thing I’ve always said, is if I can’t get in the ring, I don’t want to be close to the ring and not get in, because that’s the fun part. For me, the performance was always the fun aspect of it. Sitting back and watching and talking about it, I just don’t know how fun that would be for me. It’s great for some people, I just don’t know if that’s for me. I mean who knows, but at this point in my life I don’t foresee it.”