Vince McMahon Impressed With Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady’s Debut On Raw

Enzo Amore

There is no doubt that Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are one of the most popular tag teams in wrestling. Their debut on Raw was a long time coming for them and their fans.

However, there have been reports of WWE officials worrying about the team on the main roster. Some were concerned about their schtick growing tired and that they’d get lost in the shuffle. Amore and Cassady were also getting some people down because they never became NXT Tag Team Champions.

Despite the concerns, you can’t deny the reaction the team received from the audience during their debut on Raw.

Many people backstage were impressed with the duo’s promo with The Dudley Boyz and feel it was the best on WWE television in months.

One of the impressed parties was Vince McMahon, who was surprised by how over they were immediately. They were also over with fans and employees, which impressed Vince even more.