Vince McMahon Negative On SmackDown Star, What Do Samoa Joe & John Cena Have In Common?

Mr. McMahon

– One WWE star that Vince McMahon is negative on is Chad Gable of American Alpha.

In the weeks leading up to the WWE Draft, McMahon considered promoting Jason Jordan to the SmackDown roster without Gable. The Chairman, however, was convinced that it wouldn’t be a good idea since Jordan floundered on his own before he was hooked up with Gable in NXT.

While it’s unclear as to why McMahon is down on Gable, it probably doesn’t help that the SmackDown star is small by non-cruiserweight standards — Gable is 5’8″. But McMahon is alone on this as Gable is well-liked among his co-workers and the producers enjoy working with him.

– As you can find out in this video, Samoa Joe and John Cena have more in common than the STF and stellar resumes.