Vince McMahon Thinking Of Splitting Up The New Day

The New Day

The New Day are one of the hottest acts in wrestling today. At a time when Raw and SmackDown continue to suffer from repetitive match-ups and a lack of storyline progression, Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods weekly antics have been an island of fun in WWE’s ocean of complacency. They’re bright, exuberant, and consistently entertaining.

They’re also the best thing to happen to WWE’s often-forgotten tag division in the past ten years, and in later this month, they’ll surpass Paul London and Brian Kendrick’s 331-day reign to become the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history.

However, their recent interactions with The Wyatt Family suggest that the group’s highly-successful run might be about to hit an abrupt halt. Xavier Woods hasn’t been himself. The New Day’s founding member is entranced by and terrified of Bray Wyatt in equal measure, and on this week’s Raw, he made it clear that if Kofi and Big E don’t start taking this threat seriously, The New Day isn’t going to survive.

With the Brand Split nearing and Woods teasing turning on his buddies, most signs point towards an impending New Day split.

Behind the scenes, there is a lot of debate about whether to split off The New Day. If this happens, Big E would get a major singles push on one show while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would remain as a tag team on the opposite show.

The reason for the possible split is due to Vince McMahon feeling the roster is lacking top stars and he sees main event potential in Big E. At this time, he would prefer to speed things up on his eventual push rather than wait for The New Day to run its course.