Vince McMahon Returning To Raw This Monday, Ryback Takes Shot At CM Punk From Hospital

Mr. McMahon

– Vince McMahon will be returning to Raw this Monday.

WWE says in its preview for the show:

Mr. McMahon gave his children, Shane and Stephanie, shared custody over Monday Night Raw, but ironically, it’s SmackDown Live that has caused friction between the two siblings. With both McMahons declaring their intentions to run SmackDown come Tuesday, July 19 (and fending off would-be usurpers ranging from Corporate Kane to John Laurinaitis) and the Brand Extension fast approaching, The Chairman is slated to return to Raw in the very same building where Shane himself made his comeback earlier this year. Could Mr. McMahon be on the verge of an executive decision? Or does he have a different COO in mind for SmackDown Live?

– Ryback underwent surgery again this week, his second in as many weeks. While tweeting an update from the hospital, he took a shot at CM Punk.