WCW Saturday Night Coming To The WWE Network Next Week


WCW’s long-running Saturday night program is coming to the WWE Network next week.

Episodes from 1992 through 1994 will be uploaded to the Network starting on Monday, April 2, according to a report on Tuesday by WWE Network News. While the website is not affiliated with WWE, it always gets the first word on WWE Network programming.

This will be separate from the World Championship Wrestling shows that have already been uploaded, which has episodes from 1985 through 1989. World Championship Wrestling was rebranded into WCW Saturday Night on April 4, 1992, so that may be the starting point. WWE Network News estimates that up to 100 hours of content will be uploaded.

Saturday Night was WCW’s flagship show until 1995 when WCW Nitro was introduced and changed the wrestling world forever with a live program that rivaled WWE Raw for years. With the addition of WCW Thunder three years later, Saturday Night eventually became a meaningless “C-show” program that largely featured WCW’s mid-card wrestlers, the company’s bottom-tier wrestlers, and Power Plant trainees. The show continued to run until 2000, when it was turned into a recap show and ultimately canceled altogether on August 19, 2000.

Throughout the course of WCW Saturday Night, there were a number of unique match-ups, such as Randy Savage and Steve Austin facing off in 1995 in their one and only encounter.