WWE Considering Taking Legal Action Against Brad Maddox

Brad Maddox

WWE is looking to take legal action against recently released performer Tyler Kluttz (Brad Maddox) and ProWrestlingTees.com for trademark infringement over his new ring name, Mad Braddox.

ProWrestlingTees.com is selling T-shirts bearing the name Mad Braddox and WWE’s legal department believes the name is too similar to Brad Maddox. WWE owns the intellectual property rights to Brad Maddox and believe Mad Braddox would cause confusion with consumers.

WWE attempted to register the Brad Maddox name several weeks ago, but the application has yet to be approved. The legal department is contemplating whether to send cease and desist letters soon, or wait until their trademark application is approved since it would give them a much stronger legal position.

On Nov. 25, WWE announced that Kluttz had been released from his contract. His firing was later revealed as stemming from his use of the phrase “cocky pricks” in a promo before a dark match at that week’s SmackDown taping, which was deemed inappropriate by WWE officials He revealed in media interviews this week that it was Vince McMahon specifically who did not approve of the phrase.