WWE Hall of Famer Says Female Wrestlers Should Be Fired And Sent To The Strip Club

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

At least one WWE Hall of Famer isn’t a fan of the Divas Revolution. In fact, he can’t find any joy in females competing in the squared circle at all.

During a recent appearance on Filsinger Games’ The View podcast, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine went on a controversial rant about female wrestlers.

“As far as girl wrestling, I would send them all out to the strip bar and fire ’em,” Valentine said.
“I’d fire every girl wrestler I ever saw. They don’t draw any money, they have horrible matches. Uh . . . they’re terrible. That’s the way I feel.”

“They take away jobs from men that need to support their families. They should be home washing dishes and cooking and pregnant and barefoot.”

“I love women . . . but they gotta realize their place. They’re not supposed to be wrestlers. They’re not supposed to be MMA fighters or boxers. It’s bullshit.”

You can listen to the podcast with Valentine in its entirety here.