WWE Hall of Famer Sunny Defends Use Of N-Word On Twitter


Tammy Sytch — a.k.a Sunny — feels there’s nothing wrong with calling her Latino friend “nigga”. . . and despite receiving mass blowback on Twitter, the WWE Hall of Famer isn’t backing down.

It all started Sunday night — the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day — when Sunny tweeted a Latino friend saying, “What up my nigga!!!???” after he had sent her a message saying, “What up my nig.”


The ex-WWE star was instantly hit with major amounts of criticism for using the term but it didn’t faze her in the slightest bit. Instead, Sunny began an onslaught of defense saying, “That’s our pet name for each other. Why don’t you mind your fucking business douche” and “It’s not like he’s black and I called him the N word.”

Tammy went on to add, “Omg this isn’t the early 1900’s and there isn’t a slavery problem anymore. Get over it.”

Back in November, Tammy apologized for saying she believed there needed to be a Holocaust “for the islams of the world” but noted that she wouldn’t be changing her off-color sense of humor.