WWE Hall of Famer Says Brock Lesnar Is Unsafe In The Ring

Above is a clip from WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s recent appearance on The Last Round podcast. Duggan talked about Brock Lesnar and The Steiner Brothers being unsafe in the ring. His exchange with one of the hosts went like this:

Duggan: “You know the guy (presumably The Undertaker), he does a lot of high risk moves for an older man, out there taking… working with Brock Lesnar is dangerous anyway because Brock doesn’t seem to care about his partner. It’s easy to hurt people though. If I give you my body, then you gotta take care of me. Some guys don’t give a darn and Brock doesn’t give a darn, he’ll just throw people around. Steiners used to be like that.”

Host: “I think the politically correct way to say it is, they don’t know their own strengths…”

Duggan: “No, no, no… they take advantage of people. They take advantage of people. When you get another hardnose out there they seem to loosen up really quick.”

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