Is WWE Keeping Daniel Bryan Out Of The Ring So He Doesn’t Screw Up Their Plans For WrestleMania?

Daniel Bryan

Months have gone by since Daniel Bryan has had an active role in the WWE as he’s continued to battle various injuries related to his head and neck. Every few weeks there will be an update on his status, and Bryan has been publicly optimistic about an eventual return. At last word, Vince McMahon was reportedly torn on whether to let him back in the squared circle.

Dave Meltzer reported on Nov. 14 in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that McMahon is going “back and forth” when it comes to making a decision on Bryan, and he may be waiting to hear what a third doctor has to say about his condition. Bryan has more than just neck injuries to contend with, as one doctor said he should never wrestle again due to the number of concussions he’s suffered. WWE actually made an injury storyline involving Bryan’s concussion history. Bryan then sought the opinion of his own doctor who gave him the “thumbs up,” saying that his brain is perfectly fine, actually above average for a man of his age and physical activity.

Some people have gotten the idea that WWE is aware that Bryan can return to the ring, but, they won’t allow him to. Not because they’re looking out for his long-term health, but because they don’t want him to return and throw a wrench in their WrestleMania plans for the third year in a row.

This subject was addressed by Meltzer on Thursday on Wrestling Observer Radio, who said that WWE is legitimately concerned about Bryan’s long-term health, but at the same time, they know that clearing him and bringing him back any time before WrestleMania 32 next April would force them to change their plans for the event yet again, which is something that they don’t want to do.

“If [Daniel Bryan] is cleared, as far as when they bring him back, [internal politics] be an issue. The problem is that, with any other wrestler who is at his level, if he was cleared you’d bring him back. But with him, because of the fan-base, and because Daniel Bryan’s popularity screwed up two WrestleManias in a row in their minds, with their plans, you have to be careful about bringing him back, especially this year, where the goal is to make up for what he screwed up last year, and if WWE brings him back now, he’ll screw up this year’s plans too.”